I am Valerie.

I was born into a secular family, but I was always strongly drawn toward religion. I especially loved religion with rules and a strong sense of community. Growing up my best friend was (and still is) a modern Orthodox Jew, and I assumed that as an adult, I would convert. I spent so much time with her as a kid and teen, so many Shabbats, so many Passover meals shared. I felt so welcomed.

Then I went to college and met my husband James, and became a Christian. He was so different than the other Christians I had met, many of whom tormented my Jewish best friend and my completely secular family. James truly believed in showing his faith by LOVING everyone. I converted and strongly believed that as a wife, I was to be as virtuous a Christian as I could, which includes being submissive to my husband.

We married young. I was only twenty. At twenty-two our first child (a daughter) was born, and at twenty-four along came our second (a son). We took a break. I went on the pill and a few years later went off in order to try for number three. However, nothing happened and years passed and I became desperate.

During prayers one night, I got word from the Lord to leave the size of our family up to Him. My husband and I prayed over it and he got the same message. The next month, I got pregnant with number three (another boy).

After that, I had trouble with calming my mind and remaining virtuous in my words and deeds and in looking online one night, I discovered domestic discipline. I knew immediately it was for me. Convincing my gentle leader husband was another story. But he did come around after much prayer and scripture reading, and now we are in a domestic discipline relationship, much of which I will get to in more detail as I blog.

We have had three more children after the third, in quick succession – all girls. Our four daughters and two sons are all precious gifts from God!

This is it, this is the small parts of our life I am willing to share.

*Valerie is not my real name, James is not my husband’s name. Some details of our lives are either left out or changed a bit to protect our family’s identity. *

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