Having to talk to my doctor about some anxiety is actually pretty hard when I had to censor myself. What I wanted to say is “Hey doc, my husband won’t spank me anymore and it’s causing some anxiety, but he thinks the anxiety has been there all along. What do you think?” Because obviously aContinue reading

Just teenager things

Molly and Jeff broke up. A couple of nights ago, Molly came to us to confess that she and Jeff had gone a bit beyond kissing in their intimacy. She said that when Jeff’s grandmother would chaperone them, she rarely paid them attention and they would be able to sneak off to make-out. Then sheContinue reading “Just teenager things”


We are fairly well settled into our new lives as a family of nine. Joy is a treasure of a baby and is doted on by her four older sisters and two older brothers – not to mention mama and daddy. There was a little bit of sibling rivalry with Lily becoming overly attached inContinue reading “Settled”


Joy, our seventh child, and fifth daughter, came into this world a tiny bit earlier than expected, but with a normal and healthy delivery. She is a tiny but mighty thing at only 5 pounds 10 ounces. We are overwhelmed with love as we have been when each blessing has come along. We praise GodContinue reading “Joyous”

Answering a question

Reader Nikki sent this comment to me: DD is the proper form of relationship. I will pray for you that your husband sees the Godliness in it and makes better choices. Nikki, I’ve got to disagree. DD is just one of many forms of relationships. It is a form that worked for us for manyContinue reading “Answering a question”

A month??

Is it true that an entire month has gone by since I last blogged? It seems like only yesterday! I am heavily pregnant, and at the point if James were willing to continue our domestic discipline, he would not be spanking me. I have about six weeks to go and I am feeling extremely tiredContinue reading “A month??”

New year new thoughts

As I sit here bringing in the year 2021, I looks back with wonder on what 2020 was. Worldwide, it was terrible, obviously. And I’m not going into that. This back part of 2020 seemed like such a dark cloud. We were all sick of staying at home, and James pulled my submissiveness out fromContinue reading “New year new thoughts”

A some Qs

I got this message from reader Mark: Hi there, This is an excellent blog. My wife and I practice DD and find your posts very useful. Something I’ve never thought about is bringing prayer into sessions. My wife must strip and stand in the corner before her spanking. I’m thinking adding prayer before the spanking.Continue reading “A some Qs”


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