Who we are

Here’s a family glossary:

Valerie: Me! 38 year old woman living in a CDD relationship. I stay at home with our six children.

James: My husband, my rock, my everything. The Head of Household (HoH), and the man who keeps me in line in our CDD marriage.


Molly: 16. Our eldest daughter loves God and is deeply faithful. She prays and reads her bible daily, and has hopes of being a Proverbs 31 wife someday. She also loves Broadway Musicals!

JJ: 14 (so close to 15). Our oldest son. He’s a quiet but loving boy who loves God and baseball, in that order. Everything else in life is just details for him.

Kevin: 8 (so close to 9). Our second son and the oldest of the “Littles” as we call them. Kevin is a brainiac with lots of curious questions. He can build basically anything out of Lego and loves comic books.

Leigh: 5. We call Leigh our princess. She loves anything pink and frilly, and believes she is a great ballerina. She absolutely ADORES her big sister Molly.

Annie: 3. Annie was born prematurely and has remained frail ever since. She has a weak immune system and is still a tiny little bug, but she has a fierce personality and probably the loudest voice of all the kids!

Lily: 2. Born just 13 months after Annie, Lily is a typical silly two year old. Always ready with a smile and a giggle, Lily is attached to Annie’s hips.


Esther: My BFF since I was thirteen. Esther knows almost everything about me, other than the DD, and we text or talk at least once a week.

Sissy: My older sister. Married with two sons.

Missy: My younger sister, a single momma to a daughter and a son.

Bubba: My younger brother, unmarried, but a wonderful Uncle.

I am very close to all my siblings, as well as to my father. My mother passed away in 2013.

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